Sant Serni de Tavernoles

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LES VALLS DE VALIRA (The Pyrenees Heart)

According to the census of 2003 (inhab. in parentheses), they are 15 villages who have economic and social activities,: Anserall (96), Arcavell (42), Arduix (9), Argolell (32 ), Ars (34), Asnurri (35), els Baixos de Calbinyà(93), Bescaran (88), Calbinyà (52), Civís (49), La Farga de Moles (18), Os de Civís (131), Sant Joan Fumat (43), and the neighbourhoods of Poble Sec and Sant Pere (43), and Sant Antoni improvement (38), these three last ones are placed close to La Seu d’Urgell and they belong, one side to La Seu and another side to the Valira valleys; they are integrated in the territory of the Baixos de Calbinyà above mentioned.

The villages of Llirt, Morters, Cortingles, Estelareny, Feners, Ministrells, Escàs bordes, and Farrera dels Llops remains at the moment uninhabited.

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