Sant Serni de Tavernoles

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The building

From its early days, it only remains the large head of the church's apse towards the west. There is also the transept, which is topped by an apsis. It is known that it consisted of three naves not totally conserved.

You can still see a circular base and a great part of the original bell-tower. Concerning cloister, at the South side there is no trace, it's said to have been the twin of Santa Maria d'Urgell Cathedral.

Some capitals are found in Barcelona and in the U.S. since they were sold to a collector.

In the National Art Museum of Catalonia are preserved, amongst other pieces, some capitals, a front side of the altar of the twelfth century, in which with nine bishops with halos are represented and in the Cathedral of La Seu d'Urgell you can find several documents, including the cartulary of the abbey.

In 1971, a partial restoration was made.

Sant Serni de Tavernoles

IN 1971 a partial restoration was made.

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