Sant Serni de Tavernoles

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(725 m.alt) Village that belongs to Alt Urgell county, capital of the municipality of Les Valls de Valira. The town (96 inhab.) is located at the right bank of the river Valira, on the other side of the road that goes from La Seu d’Urgell to Andorra. At about 300 m north of the town is the neighbourhood called the Monestir, where you can find the Romanesque church placed at the moment over the remains of the formerly important Benedictine abbey of Sant Sadurní de Tavèrnoles.

The former area is extended to both sides of the Valira valley with two ravines named Cortingles and Estelareny (or Anserall also). This is a mountainous area, unless the small space close to the river course. In the west, there are forest areas with high pines, oaks and holm trees. Near the rivers and villages there are meadows and pastures that favour the exploitation of cattle, which was the most important economic activity. There are irrigated lands, obtained with the help of several ditches, where potatoes, vegetables and fruit trees are harvested. You can also find irrigated lands with vineyards, potatoes and cereals. The ground work is well crafted and distributed by the owners; the forest is in great part, communal. A power plant is near Valira River.  

Annual Party Festival is the first Sunday in September. A little festival called the Sant Serni pot is celebrated on Sant Sadurní day (November 29).

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