Sant Serni de Tavernoles

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We can send who want this book published in Catalan (*) by registered mail to its original price of 22 € and without any additional cost against prepayment by bank transfer in favour of Mr. Josep-Maria Nogués-Torre to his account with CAIXABANK with IBAN ES88 2100 3225 6522 0006 8486 BIC: CAIXESBBXXX mentioning at concept space the number of books ordered.


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Data de publicació: 02-09-2016

14.05.2015 - GUIDDED TOURS TO SSdT

Kindly be informed that Mr. Parés-Casanova, Anserall resident, performed the service to accompany some people concerned to visit the monastery of Sant Serni deTavernoles and its monumental surroundings, Camino de Santiago included. This is an altruistic and free activity. The conditions are:

+Mòbil appointment to Mr.Parés-Casanova:
+Days available for the service: to agree

We hope this will be of interest activity generate and serve to promote the cultural development of our territory.

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Data de publicació: 27-11-2015

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