Sant Serni de Tavernoles

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  • Being a meeting point for all those who appreciate Sant Sadurní de Tavèrnoles monastery and everything that was in the past.
  • General defence and study at Pyrenean Romanesque Art, while achieving the objective above mentioned.
  • Create sufficiently the cultural environment so that this project involves a minimum number of residents in Anserall, since their support is essential for development of the plan.
  • To investigate, publicize and disseminate the cultural and historical fact of the abbey and monastery of Sant Sadurní de Tavèrnoles.
  • Suggest improvements and to promote adequate and successful conclusion to be entirely altruistic, both as a means of others, and always in accordance with the law.
  • Advocate for a full and complete planning and architectural restoration of the ancient Benedictine abbey of Sant Sadurní Tavèrnoles, respecting, however, the rights of current residents of the neighbourhood known as el Monestir of Anserall. Meanwhile, get this, have no concern that the interest wane.
  • Recovering anything of interest that has disappeared, but is achieved through reproduction or copy.


  • To assist and cooperate with all public and private entities seeking to act in any act or action for the promotion and knowledge of Sant Sadurní de Tavèrnoles
  • Participation in efforts to reclaim and extend the cultural brand Romànic Pirinenc, Romànic dels Pirineus or similar.
  • Set the date of the annual January 17 as the Monastery Day (= Monastery Party Festival).
  • Organization of cultural, artistic, and similar acts in order to generate some public interest.
  • Make studies, papers and reports related to Sant Serni de Tavèrnoles in front of all citizens.
  • Grab power involving external assistance to carry out cultural performances on the ancient monastery of Sant Serni de Tavèrnoles.
  • Despite all this, it is the promotion of cultural and civic non-profit trade and the selfless dedication of members of the Centre of Studies and other occasional collaborators, as has been explained above.

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